Why Headphones are better than earphones?

Posted : 15th Jun 2022

Headphones provide much comfort in listening to music for hours rather than earphones which cause pain if used for longer duration. Headphones also have good noise cancellation feature that help to filter out unwanted sounds giving you complete sound clarity.

Is wearing Headphones better than earphone?

Headphones are more comfortable to wear compared to earphone. Higher-end Headphones have noise cancellation feature.

Do Headphone damage your ear?

Headphones and earphones can both cause damage to your ears. As you know listening to loud noise can damage your cells of the ear and there is no reverse of this damage.

How long should I use Headphone?

Volume places an important role while you are using Headphone. You should not exceed more than 60% of volume. If you are using smart phone, it gives warning if you cross 60% volume. Keep check on your volume while using Headphone make sure to take it off for 30 minutes if you are Headphone addict.

Are wired Headphones safer than wireless?

Wired Headphones emit a very small amount of RF waves as compared to the wireless one. Keeping in mind that we are already in an environment where it is impossible to be away from RF waves but the best way to reduce the exposure is by limiting the time you spend in areas of WIFI and Bluetooth and use wired Headphones if possible.

Can wired Headphones explode? 

The wired Headphones does not have any component that will explode but the wireless Headphones have lithium-ion batteries that could generate ignition when overheated. 

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