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What is IPX4 Waterproof Rating ?

Simply put IPX4, is resistance against water splashes from any direction. Note that it is just splashes and not a continuous stream of water!Let's dive in dipper!Now a days, you see many Headphone Manufacturers advertising their products as "dust resitant", "sweat resistant" or "splash resistant".To add more credibility to their claims, they specify "IP Codes" stating their Water Resistance Rating.IP stands for "Ingress Protection".  It measures how well a device is protected against both...

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What is Impedance in Headphones or Earphones ?

Simplest definition of Impedance in Headphones or EarphonesJust like any other electronic items, headphones & earphones have their own resistance to the electric current flowing through it's circuitry. Measured in ohms, most of the today's consumer headphones and earphones have impedance of 32 ohms.Let's dive deeper to understand, what exactly is ImpedanceWell, we would not get into very technical things related to Impedance but try to explain you it's meaning with respect to your...

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