19 Inch TV Dimensions

Why you must check TV Dimensions before buying it?

19 inch TVs come in different dimensions. While looking to buy a TV, apart from the specifications itself, checking their dimensions is one of the important factors quite a few people tend to miss. Knowing how wide a 19 inch could be, considering different types of TVs could turn out to be critical.

If you don’t pay attention to this crucial aspect, you might end up with a TV which simply doesn’t fit your designated place for the TV. Or in many cases, it just might turn out to be too big or too small for the size of your room.

Below are the dimensions of the 19 inch tv, specified in inches, cm and mm.

  • inch
  • cm
  • mm
Dimensions Televisions with same Dimensions
Width Height Depth
With Stand 441.96 mm 299.72 mm 134.62 mm Insignia NS-19D220NA16-A Insignia NS-19D220NA16-A 2020
Without Stand 441.96 mm 274.32 mm 66.04 mm
With Stand 436.37 mm 292.86 mm 138.68 mm Westinghouse WD19HN1108 Westinghouse WD19HN1108 2018
Without Stand 436.37 mm 271.27 mm 82.04 mm
With Stand 454 mm 312 mm 50 mm Toshiba PA200 Toshiba PA200 2015
With Stand 505 mm 339 mm 115 mm LG 19M37A LG 19M37A 2015
With Stand 445 mm 321 mm 150 mm Philips 19PFL4738-V7 Philips 19PFL4738-V7 2015 Philips 19PFL4738 Philips 19PFL4738 2015
Without Stand 445 mm 274 mm 36 mm
With Stand 447 mm 130 mm 315 mm Lloyd L19ND Lloyd L19ND 2014
With Stand 446.8 mm 326.9 mm 161 mm Samsung UA19ES4000R Samsung UA19ES4000R 2012
Without Stand 446.8 mm 278.7 mm 49.6 mm