Why are Bluetooth earbuds so expensive?

Posted : 3rd Jun 2022

People have a higher requirement for earbuds and the company has no choice but to build high-quality earbuds which increases the cost of production.

Are expensive earbuds worth buying?

Wireless earbuds are good for listening songs or to talking while you are busy with another task. They are ideal for people who need to move around.

Do more expensive earphones last longer?

High-quality earphones turn out to be expensive. Earphones are more comfortable and built to last for the long run. If you want the best earphones, you probably need to increase your budget a bit.

Is it worth getting Bluetooth earbuds?

It is totally subjective and varies from person to person. People who are Fitness enthusiastic go for wireless earphones, it is an individual’s choice. There are a vast number of options available out there it is just you need to be sure whether it fits with your lifestyle. Freedom to move around without dealing with entangled cables is the real motive of Bluetooth earbuds.

Why are Headphones so overpriced?

High-end Headphones are made for a small group of people like live performers, sound engineers, and artists. Due to smaller production, they don’t enjoy economic scale other reason is due to the increase in customs duty which is announced during the budget.

Note: Not every High-end Headphone are very much worth its price. Sometimes you are paying for the logo and not getting the best value.


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